The president of the company Rakuten wants to teach all its employees, numbering 17 thousand employees how to programming


In the past years, learning programming is optional to a large extent, unless you want to get a job in this area. But these days with all these devices and technology, the learning of programming is more important than ever, especially if we take into account that programming opens up new horizons for everyone.

Programming languages important to the point that the CEO of Rakuten Mr. Hiroshi Mikitani revealed that he wants to make all staff in the company, amounting to the number of 17 thousand employees of how to write code. Said Hiroshi Mikitani, during his talk with journalist Emily Chang from the TV is poor : ” if you work for the company Toyota, for example, you know how to operate the car, including the engine, platform, suspension system, etc. So if you are working in a company specializing in information technology, then you need to know some basic things did not exist in the computer “.

It should be noted that Mr. Hiroshi Mikitani is not the only one who thinks that, the face of information technology organizational studies in the Faculty of the MIT Sloan of management, Mr. Thomas Malone believes that is also so stated by saying : ” we all live in a world defined and its information technology, but many of us have the mentality that technology is like a disease that is caused by evil spirits. You can give people enough understanding to even know how to ask the right questions “.

In recent years, we began to see many companies trying to learn programming for the rookie. Apple has launched initiatives like Swift Playgrounds, while I used the company Mattel character Barbie in an attempt to encourage children to adopt programming.

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