The president of the company Mozilla criticize Microsoft’s decision to move to rely on Chromium

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There were rumors last week indicated that Microsoft plans to make the browser Microsoft Edge is transmitted to the engine Chromium user in the browser Google Chrome and get rid of the engine EdgeHTML. Subsequently, the Microsoft health claims, which sounds good because it means that your browsing experience will become more consistent in the browser Microsoft Edge.

This step may also encourage more users to start using the browser’s Microsoft Edge, which is currently not widely used in reality despite the improvements obtained. Although the advantages are obvious, but that everyone do not feel thrilled because of it, it seems that the CEO of Mozilla is one of these.

In a publication of the city official to buy Mozilla, and criticized Mr. Chris Beard basically Microsoft’s decision to move to the engine Chromium from EdgeHTML. It recognizes Mr. Chris Beard, that this step is useful from the commercial point of view, but he also believes that the move to rely on Chromium means giving up freedom and choice that gave us the internet.

According to Chris Beard, has stated by saying : ” from the perspective of the social and the individual, the development of control infrastructure on the internet to buy another is terrible. This is why in the presence of a Mozilla. We’re competing with Google, not because this represents a good business opportunity. Compete with Google because the health of the internet and life online depend on competition and choice. They rely on the ability of consumers to make the decision that we want something better and to take action “.



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