The president of the company Epic is talking about competition with Steam and the rest of the digital shops on the bodyguard


Tim Sweeney is the president of the company Epic is responsible for the game Fortnite famous, and that has opened a digital store on the PC for the purpose of suitable Steam store, and I began to get a number of exclusive games, as well as the report of the women that kill their sales every game and increase the share of developers from the returns of up to 88%.

And at a meeting of mcvuk confirmed Tim Sweeney that the knowledge will through the prices for customers and share the profits with the developers:

We give Game Developers the business model of the store, which I always wanted as a developer ourselves.

Trade is almost perfect for users since now, it is not possible to win against Store dominant just by adding some properties or make conversion better. Will resolve the battle based on the amount of games released, the prices your customers, and sharing profits with the developers.

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