The president of the company Epic Games says that the Apex Legends don’t take players from Fortnite

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Why is the announcement of the game Apex Legends by company Respawn only recently, but already managed to gain the interest of tens of millions of players all over the world. And, of course, is still far from achieving the same numbers achieved by the game Fortnite yet, but a lot of people interested were quick to describe the Apex Legends as a real contender for the game Fortnite. And speaking of that, said CEO of Epic Games Mr. Tim Sweeney that, contrary to popular belief, so far the game Apex Legends players about Fortnite.

There’s a reason people describe Apex Legends as a real contender for Fortnite. You’ve reached the barrier of 25 million players within only seven days after its launch while Fortnite to the same achievement during the 41 days, while it took four months to reach the barrier of 50 million players, but the game Apex Legends did that in just one month. Certainly, the games, the Royal Patel now enjoys the attention more than was the case when they were version of the game Fortnite, so it has reaped the game Apex Legends the benefits of growth in this sector.

Mr. Tim Sweeney to GamesBeat in a recent interview : ” we’re very close to breaking the barrier of 250 million players on the game Fortnite“, and added : ” Since I released the game Apex Legends, we get the value of the Apex Lengends players Fortnite, this is wonderful “.

As said by Tim Sweeney be the only game that keep players from Fortnite is FIFA. He pointed out that the game Fortnite peak passed since the release of the game Apex Legends. On this subject, stated Tim Sweeney said : ” the only game that we can say that they reduce the Times of playing on Fortnite is a game of FIFA. It’s another game available to everyone, and is very popular in all over the world “.

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