The President of Samsung confirms that the battery of Galaxy Note 9 safe, and expects strong sales of the device


I Samsung launched two generations since the launch of the Galaxy Note 7 burning, but the disappointment still lingers on the back of our tongue. Help us Galaxy Note 8 fairly successful in forgetting that incident, but there are still questions about the reliability of the phone Galaxy Note 9, which was recently released.

Well, chief of mobile devices at Samsung was quick to reply to customers by indicating that since the withdrawal of the Galaxy Note 7 of the market, made Samsung some additional steps to make sure nothing happens like this again. Was quality control team itself, which has been compiled by two years working hard on the Galaxy Note 9 as well. So, even though the Galaxy Note 9 houses a larger battery was used in the series phones Galaxy Note Series, but that wouldn’t cause any problems related to the safety of the client.

” The battery in the Galaxy Note 9 safer than ever. Users do not have to worry about batteries anymore. “

Furthermore, it was explained by Mr. DJ Koh that he was confident that the phone Galaxy Note 9 will be on the phone Galaxy Note 8 in terms of sales because of the technical specifications developed, battery big and the new S Pen packed with many new features with the knowledge that the latter is among the main selling points of the phone.

” The Galaxy Note 9 featuring the best performance at all with the S Pen especially, as well as the smart camera. We hope to overtake sales of the new device on the Galaxy Note 8 “.

But only time will determine whether the expectations of the Chief Executive justified or if users lose interest in the series phones Galaxy Note Series or the category of high-end smartphones in general.


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