The President of Nintendo of America: we love surprises and we don’t understand the reaction of the analysts

Nintendo Switch

Agency Bloomberg new encounter with the reg Visa-mom, the President of the Company New in the USA. The meeting touched on some interesting things such as low stocks new and constitute some of the analysts in the company’s ability to achieve its business objectives for this financial year, and which consists in the sale of 20 million Switch and 100 million game.

Reggie confirmed that the new company likes to surprise the audience and avoid showing games that still had a long way in development, and at E3 will focus on games that had 6 to 9 months at the latest version. Reagan stressed that the company still maintains got more surprises even for the year, and there are new ads during the weeks and months to come. Reggie confirmed that the reaction of analysts was incomprehensible for them to low stock and that from the perspective of the company, the continuity in the launch of titles such as Fortnite lead to the development of the business of the company and keep the attention of the consumer.

Knock Reggie to the device the 3DS also when asked if the starter performs well as a replacement for the company’s portable and home together, and said that the company does not see it that way, and her laptop 3DS rise in trade performance from last year by 10% until now, and he and switch complement each other where it is directing the 3DS for kids and parents who don’t want to spend a large sum of money on your games.

Define reg also head into the new Furukawa and stressed that he sees great choice, and thanks to his experience working outside of Japan previously, in addition to being one of the financial experts who come with them into America in earlier times.

Finally, Reggie told Bloomberg that the number of analysts who managed to devise the things in respect of a corporation need is a small number! And mentioned that the company likes surprises, such as surprise device and switch in and of itself, and addressed a letter to the analysts to the effect: don’t worry.

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