The portfolio of Evo advanced wireless keyboard for Pixel 3 XL

Provided the company Tech21 recently during the events of CES the latest version of widgets designed to support the users of the phones Pixel 3 XL keyboard characterized by the experience of trying to QWERTY in the portfolio of Evo Type.

Evo Type-Pixel 3 XL

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Come portfolio Evo Type of Tech21 to design a distinctive keyboard design closer to the keys QWERTY material, to support the users of the phone Pixel 3 XL to write letters, or texts the experience smooth, fast, with Portfolio Keyboard to the phone wirelessly, as it doesn’t consume the phone battery.

It also supports the design portfolio of Evo Type holder to install phone also, to install the phone with the keyboard water the favorite of the user, supporting the user is also a good show to video content.

It features a design of keys in the folder Evo Type sensors for, they offer the experience of the panel QWERTY for users, also did not disclose the company Tech21 for the pricing of clipboard at the current time, but is expected to launch to the market in the first quarter of 2019.


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