The platform proceeds to get investment financing from the fund for kindergarten technology and a number of arms of the investment

The fund announced kindergarten technology RTF about his investment with all of the company shore web development company Nayyar and Vision Ventures and 500 Startups in the platform is the outcome of Saudi Arabia competent in the provision and delivery of the crop farming of vegetables and fresh fruit in the kingdom, where it was announced that investment via the official Twitter account of the fund of Riad technology, which would expand the patch work platform toll in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and transfer to another advanced in the provision and delivery of product to customers.

And speaking of platform toll application has been launched in the Saudi market beginning in 2018 to provide a crop the cultivation of the highest quality and highly efficient delivery at the door, taking into account the price and to be suitable in the market, where can the consumer request peace simply through the application of the proceeds of which in turn provides a wide assortment of vegetables and fruits with the specified amount they want with ease and the follow after to do is to specify the place of receipt method of payment that suits him.

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