The plane the biggest in the world made its first flight successfully over California

Do the plane the biggest in the world the first flight over the Mojave Desert in California on Saturday, for that manufacturer, “states” Stratolaunch, which was founded by Microsoft founder, the late Paul Allen, market your space profitable.

The aircraft departed White named “Rocky” Roc the advantage of being made of carbon and a suite two championship golf American football (91.4 meters) and its six engines in the body of the plane double, at 7 a.m. Pacific Time (5 p.m. in the Mecca) and remained aloft for two hours and a half, before landing safely in the Hall of the Mojave Air and space amidst the cheers of a crowd of hundreds of people.

Said Jean Floyd, president and CEO, Stratolaunch in a statement posted on the company’s website on the internet: “Oh, of flight the first great”. He added: “the journey today promoting our mission to provide a flexible alternative for systems that launches from the Earth.”

Designed a plane to take down the Rockets and other spacecraft weighing up to 250 tons at a height of 35,000 feet, has been described by police as make the deployment of satellites “easy as booking a flight”.

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Explained company, Stratolaunch, that announced Allen; who co-founded Microsoft with Bill Gates in 1975, from its inception in 2011 privately financed trip Saturday, which saw the plane reaches a top speed amounting to 189 miles per hour, and a rise up to 17,000 feet, were designed to test its performance recipes to deal with it.

The company seeks to take advantage of the growing demand in the coming years on ships that can put satellites in orbit, thus you will enter in competition with other American firms, such as the company “Space X” SpaceX, “the alliance of all the United” United Launch Alliance, which houses Boeing and Lockheed Martin.

The company Stratolaunch that it intends to launch its missiles first of the “rock” of the Roc in 2020 at the earliest. Its founder was Allen died in October 2018, while he was suffering from a type of blood cancer, a few months after unveiled the development of the aircraft.

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