The phone Galaxy A7 2018 begins to turn to receive the update to Android 9 Pie with the interface, One UI

Galaxy A7 2018

Since the end of last week, Samsung launched its updated Android 9 Pie for three of its smart phones available, and here it comes with all of Galaxy A8 2018 and Galaxy A8+ 2018 and Galaxy A9 2018. Now, it’s time for the phone Galaxy A7 2018 to get a turn on the latest version of Android.

Update Android 9 Pie phone Galaxy A7 2018 carrying a brown number A750FNPUU1BSC4 comes with the new UI One UI, it also brings with IT security fixes for the month of February. However, it should be noted that it is not after the launch of this update at the global level because it is currently available in Russia only, but supposed to be up this update for more features the phone Galaxy A7 2018 around the world in days or next few weeks.

According to the schedule published by Samsung earlier in the application of Samsung Members, it is assumed that each of the Galaxy A7 2018 and Galaxy A8 2018 and Galaxy A8+ 2018 and Galaxy A9 2018 update Android 9 Pie in the month of April next, so it is likely to arrive the update for this smartphone in all over the world over the next month.

If you live in a country other than Russia and got update Android Pie on the phone Galaxy A7 2018 your own, let us know into the comments below.


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