The Perlan 2 glider broke the world altitude record

In the past 2017, we have already reported about the success of the stratospheric glider Perlan, which set a world altitude record for such vehicles. At the same time became known and the future plans of the developers that the new version of the glider wanted to swing on an even more impressive performance. A year has passed and recently it became known that the creators managed not only to surpass their achievement, but also set a new world record.

Recall that the range of the Perlan glider is developed by the Airbus group. The wingspan of stratospheric glider the second generation is 25.6 meters, and fuselage length exceeds 10 meters. The weight of the apparatus is slightly less than ton – 816 pounds. The cabin is designed for 2 people. Besides, it is insulated and sealed, allowing you to be on Board without protective clothing. However, a breathing mask will have to be used. The glider refers to a type of motorless aircraft.

All the technical base of Airbus, which is required for the production of Perlan is located in Argentina. There are all test flights. The previous record set by Perlan glider was 15900 meters, and today boasts more impressive numbers. Perlan 2 managed to overcome the so-called Armstrong line. This is the area above which the atmospheric pressure is low, that in the event of cabin depressurization all body fluids instantly “boil”. According to the Perlan 2 devices rose to a height of 18900 meters. This is just the lower limit of the line Armstrong. At the moment, Airbus is not planning to set new records, but have passed the tests indicate that the Perlan glider is quite suitable for flying at high altitude.

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