The performance of LTE in the successor of the iPhone XR will be better thanks to the new antenna, according to a new report

iPhone XR

Buy iPhone XR cheapest not only means you get IPS LCD least impressive cameras one on the back, it also possesses a slower speed when it comes to LTE compared to the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. However, according to the latest analyst at the foundation, Barclays, the Khalifa phone iPhone XR will get several upgrades.

This new report says that the successor iPhone the XR will get his turn on the antenna on the output and input 4×4 MIMO which will improve speeds and reception via LTE. As you probably know, is the phone iPhone XS and iPhoen XS Max current boast of its ability to reach the speed of 1Gbps while connecting the call the network LTE in perfect conditions, thanks to the antennas 4×4 MIMO unlike phone iPhone XR current that uses antenna 2×2 MIMO.

Describes the tests that the antenna on the input and the output 4×4 MIMO will be useful mostly in areas where reception is relatively weak.


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