The perfect ultrabook Razer? Review Razer Blade Stealth 13

Find the perfect productive portable laptop on Windows harder than… I don’t know, hard to even think of the subject of comparison, because it is almost an impossible task. Are always small things that negate all advantages of the product. But after a very long search I saw the Razer Blade Stealth 2017, which at first sight made it clear, that I found my next laptop.

After unpacking this device we have on the channel many were interested, what kind of laptop is this, because in our reality computers Razer – an extremely rare thing. I thoroughly approached the question of hardcore and used it for two weeks to as much detail as possible about everything to tell you.

Design and build quality

While unpacking I was expecting to find the usual for laptops on Windows drawbacks in terms of build quality and materials. Even previously dead Macbook to be inspired by the excellent fit of parts. But, to my surprise, the Razer Blade was very good and to like for the price I did not expect.

Tactile the laptop is reminiscent of Apple. Of curvature at the corners, a tight hinge, glass touchpad, perfect fit and even seal the rubber around the glass is all about attention to detail. It is completely made of anodized aluminium and plastic, here to be found.

The company offers several options for Stealth: traditional Matt black (it is equipped with an RGB keyboard, and the glowing logo) and Gun-metal version.

The latter seems much more reserved and quiet perfect for use in offices, or simply in the negotiations. It lacks all the charms of its RGB illumination, which makes the Blade even more Stealth similar to the Macbook Pro 13.

The top panel is minimalist. It is only the Razer logo and two odpornosci, giving character to the device.

Connectors the user receives the minimum required: two USB 3.0, USB Type-C, HDMI and a headphone output. Type-C is here to support Thunderbold, which allows you to connect not only all sorts of hubs and monitors, and external graphics card.

But the place for the card reader not found, which for me is a big minus. Will always have to carry an adapter.

On the bottom there are a few slits for air intake and two long rubber feet. They not only allow you not to be afraid that the laptop might slip off the table, but lift it, increasing the inflow of cold air.

I must say that throwing the laptop on the bed and run something resource intensive – not a particularly good idea, because it will be extremely difficult to “breathe”.

The obtained dimensions 321 x 206 x 13.1 mm, which is very similar to the Macbook Pro 13 dimensions, only the height of the Razer is a little shorter. And all is well, but simply had to appear some little thing that spoils the whole idyll. In this instance there are several, but disadvantages they may be only for me, so don’t go writing hateful comments.

First, a few screws, which are screwed the lower panel turned out to be constricted, causing the gap between the panels was not entirely smooth.

Second, the Cyrillic alphabet and function keys are almost invisible in the dark: illumination lights only English. layout. And under the space bar you can see the reflection of the diodes, which is a bit annoying.


Opening the laptop, you will see a 13.3-inch IGZO screen with a resolution of QHD+. This is not full 4K, but much more than the usual 2K. A convince me that this is too much for this size, Full HD at the time, and I never tire of repeating that even at 13 inches it’s always nice to have 2K and above, because the text at this resolution it looks great, and the photo editors you have the interface of the program doesn’t steal your whole screen, leaving most of the preview.

The only problem may be the scaling of the Windows 10, but personally I critical issues are not met. Only during the installation of some programs the fonts were soapy, and the Windows were displayed incorrectly.

Picture quality and color reproduction issues at all. On this screen you can safely handle photos or videos cotacort. Distortion of colors when deviation occurs. So I was left with a positive impression of display Blade Stealth.

And I almost forgot — here it is touch that allows you to “poke a finger” at the screen happily. Personally, I like the possibility was unnecessary, but I know many “adherents” Windows that actively use it. And the screen is not scratched from your fingertips, the manufacturer used a glossy protective glass.

But he could not be all so good and with the display there is one very annoying problem – CABC. Now tell what kind of a beast.

Most of the foreign bloggers have noted the extremely low level of brightness in the Razer Blade. And I myself, just unpacked the laptop, I noticed that somehow all very dull. But as soon as I opened Chrome, the brightness is increased and, thinking that it’s naughty sensor aftertaste, did not worry.

The next day I went to solve this problem, but what was my surprise when this sensor was already off, and the brightness is still “walked”. After an hour search on all the forums I realised why I love Windows. Just kidding, no.

As always, Reddit came to the rescue, and found that it’s “intellectual” the brightness under the content or CABC Content Adaptive Backlight Control. This “wonderful” thing sometimes found in premium laptops, and wrote it guided by good intentions, but things obviously not so, and she’s more hindrance than help. To cure the laptop of this leprosy can only install a update, manually it is almost impossible. Installing it, I got full control over the brightness and calmed down.

Characteristics and performance

I hasten to upset gamers who were expecting to see in this laptop stagery processor and two GTX 1080. There is nothing and if you need an easy and productive machine, pay attention to elder brothers, the Razer Blade Stealth. They and discrete normal, and processors more powerful, but the price is accordingly much higher.

In this model, the user receives Intel Core i7-7500u, 16 GB RAM and 256 GB of fast internal storage. At the moment the laptop in such a configuration can be found at 24-25 thousand hryvnias, or about $ 900. And it should be said that the market is already a version on the eighth generation of processors, but we have to get it is almost unreal, and the price would be exorbitant.

In a new Stealth more cores and threads, but the previous generation feels fine in 2018. The combination of a good processor, big RAM and very fast storage (3000 MB/s write and 1500 MB/s read) allows you to work in office programs and photo editors. Launching and loading is a snap, the laptop without problems twists 4K video, to cope with dozens of layers in Photoshop, and even mounting him in the teeth. Full HD laptop eats without problems even with the loot, but 4K is given to him is much harder, but necessary. For example, a 10-minute video in 4K with tsvetchrom is about 50 minutes. For the vast majority of users are not keen on gaming, the laptop will cover all needs.

But there is one “detail” that nerfed all the advantages of the device is a weak GPU. The manufacturer did not install MX150, limiting built-HD620. In terms of games it sucks, there is nothing to talk about. The laptop can run Dota, LoL and an old game, but, for example, Fortnite the minimum salary, gives out about 20 frames.

So to travel not to play. But the solution is – external video card. As the device supports the connection of such boxes via Thunderbold, spending about $ 600-700, you can turn Razer “gaming” computer. Fortunately, currently available with a dozen different options for eGPU, and take extremely expensive Razer Core makes no sense.

Connecting external video card, you can achieve a stable 60 frames in almost everything, but to take something more powerful than the GTX 1060 or the RX 580 does not make sense, because there is installed an energy-efficient chip and its capabilities are limited by the heating package and simple cooling. The solution is clearly not for everyone, for many it will be easier to buy a more expensive model with discrete accelerator than to fool with eGPU. But such option is possible.

Keyboard, touchpad and sound

About the keyboard I can say it is very similar to the keyboard on the Macbook before came their signature “butterfly”. The black plastic keys are not loose, fit well on the fasteners, and print very nice. Backlight levels just million that is rare in laptops on Windows, and it pleases.

Above the keyboard is arranged in the center button, which looks very unusual and laterally located multimedia speakers, covered with netting.

The sound is very good, even the bass is there, but to models with separate subwoofer him far. In the system pre-installed software equalizer, which is a good rocking sound and allows you to customize it.

In short, for viewing movies or clips of sound with enough head, for the rest there is a headphone output. For a little the sound is excellent.

Well, one of the most important parts of the compact device is its touchpad. Very often there is simply no possibility to connect a mouse, but you need to work. It was extremely comfortable.

The touch pad is extremely responsive, and the touchpad makes sense to use multi-touch gestures that worked very poorly. That’s just the touchpad to Macbook this far, because here you no vibration there, and above the middle panel is almost impossible to press.


The autonomy of the laptop was not a record. Let us and promise many hours in my mode of use, the laptop had about 5 hours at the most.

It seems to be good, but there are CDs that work without problems for 7-8 hours. So there is a bit of pain. But charging compact and very convenient. Fully charge Blade Stealth for a half hour, despite the fact that you continue to work on it.


Compact productive solution is a pretty niche device. After all, they are created for specific narrow problems and meet the needs of the mass market they can not afford. Either too expensive. From the comments on YouTube people are divided into two camps: those that couldn’t understand why such a laptop is needed, and those who eagerly awaited our review.

Razer Blade Stealth is far from perfect. In terms of features, price and portability, it covers all my tasks. For a great screen, case and good performance I can forgive some flaws, but it is not the best choice and recommend it to everyone I won’t.

Again, it’s a niche product, but in its category it is one of the best. I was very pleased to use it, and there were no little things that distracted me from my work. And in the backpack he is almost not felt. But for everyone else, who don’t care about portability or tactile sensation, there are many other options that will be a better purchase.

Special thanks to store Stylus for the laptop.

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