The payment application of the new Google Pay for the Android now available for download


In the month of last January, Google announced that it will collect all payment services via mobile devices to own in the service of a new one called Google Pay. Today Google Pay for the Android now available for download. So, say goodbye to all of the Android Pay, and Google Wallet.

It seems that Google Pay is only one part of what you don’t Google in this area. In the future, you should support all the products of Google’s payment service to the new Google Pay, including Google Chrome and Google Assistant. And we also see increasingly Google Pay as an option available to the state on the websites, in apps and in your favorite places all over the world.

The app contains a tab. The first tab called Home and he knows of your purchases and allows you to find nearby stores and allows easy access to rewards, and shows useful tips. On the second tab it calls Cards, as the name implies, it is the place where you can find everything you need for payment, including credit cards and debit cards, delegations, or gift cards.

Let Google Pay the possibility of paying for tickets means all of the Kiev and London and Portland at the present time, the company promised to add more cities to the list. You can also fill out fields for online payment with a new app, just as you do most likely with the Android Pay. As such, enjoy Google Pay with extra security compared to using a credit card or debit card directly because it is not shared with actual card number when you use it in stores.

Within a few months, users will able to send and receive funds directly through the Google Pay, but only in the United States of America and the United Kingdom. At the same time, this feature will be available within the Google Play app Send, which is just a Google Wallet with a new name.



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