The passage of 8 years on the launch of the iPad – what is the change wrought by it?

Eight years ago now and at the end of January 2010, stop steve jobs on the platform of the center of the Yerba Buena for the Arts in San Francisco announcing the first iPad to the Apple TV, this device, which is not our concept of smart devices and the latest revolution in the technology industry don’t say what he did to the iPhone ten years ago, to become a your iPad is the other one of the most successful Technical Products and of the most best-selling to now.

مرور 8 أعوام على إطلاق جهاز الآيباد!

The passage of 8 years on the launch of the iPad!

The iPad, is available great idea old!

Back the idea of making the Apple tablet to the eighties, as Steve Jobs announced the CEO at the time in formal speech in 1983 about the wishes of Apple in the”industry PC looks like a book and can no limit know how to use it in only 20 minutes!”

The first implementation of that idea came after ten years where Apple announced the first tablet device not on behalf of the Newton MessagePad 100 in 1993, and then followed by many versions the latest of which was the Newton MessagePad 2100 and have stopped Apple from selling it in 1998. Perhaps surprising has some knowledge that the iPad wasn’t a tablet the first Apple TV!

أحد أجهزة آبل اللوحية القديمة Newton MessagePad 2000

One of the devices Apple tablet and the old Newton MessagePad 2000

The iPad, a revolution after the iPhone!

Entered the Apple smart phone market with the iPhone in 2007: the smaller the size of the tablet with touch screen and iOS system with the capacity of good then evolved dramatically during the short years to match the computers.

ستيف جوبز يكشف عن الآيباد - يناير 2010

Steve Jobs reveals iPad – January 2010

The iPhone changed the face of the world and opened the way for the smart phone industry that is still hesitant on her throne. But the dream of the old Apple TV back in January 2010 when he revealed Apple TV on iPad for the first time: a computer is small in size and easy to carry and use!

Later told steve jobs that the process of the development of the iPad began before the iPhone years, but the vision of Apple at that time was that the phone is more important, and so came to the iPhone first and then iPad three years as a complement and not a substitute.

The iPad, in the language of numbers!

Since 2010 and until now Apple launched about 12 different version of the iPad, and have reached total sales so far to nearly more than 300 million units, and had reached the peak of its sales during the first quarter of 2014 where it achieved sales of over 26 million units.

الآيباد .. بلغة الأرقام!

The iPad, in the language of numbers!

The iPad is a tablet the best selling in the world, and the unit contains approximately 30% of the tablet market around the world, despite the decline in its sales during recent years. This year will reveal to Apple TV from iPad new and reports indicate her new design with the included feature of facial recognition Face ID.

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