The partners of Apple are preparing for mass production for the AirPods, iPads and iPad new

Apple Airpods

According to rumors, Apple is working on a new model of headphones AirPods wireless and also a range of tablet and iPad new. We’re not sure of the time advertised, but it may happen in the near future because, according to a report released recently from the site DigiTimes, it seems that the suppliers of Apple are starting to prepare for the production of these devices.

The report claims that the company Flexium Interconnect and Zhen Ding Technology preparing for mass production of wires flexible for the next-generation tablet the iPad, while doing my company, Compeq Manufacturing and Unitech PCB production, components for headphones AirPods next.

As we said earlier, it is still not clear when Will Apple officially about these new products, but the report claims that it will be disclosed in the event to be held by Apple on March 25. However, the site says MacRumors that the interests of his own told him that the event will focus mostly on the streaming service films from Apple, and it will not be launching any new hardware at this event.

Assuming that this is true, it is expected to see Apple reveal this new hardware at its annual conference for developers WWDC 2019, which has recently been confirmed that it will be held in early June. While the focus conference WWDC in mostly on software, there have been some cases in the past where we saw Apple reveal some new hardware at the event.


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