The parent company of the achieved historic results in the second quarter of 2018

ألفابت الشركة الأم لقوقل تحقق نتائج تاريخية في الربع الثاني من 2018

The company announced the U.S. about the financial results for the third quarter of the current year is 2018, and the period saw the rise of large in the company’s revenue last reached 26%, as well as the high value of the dividends of the share to a new level with an increase of 4%.

The company has achieved revenue reached 26.2$ billion a figure that exceeds previous expectations by about$ 600 billion. As earnings every share to 4.54$ after the money that you’re going to repay the sanctions of the European Union provided$ 5 million. Where that earnings per share amounted to 11.75$ by the fine.

The company posted a profit of different projects that its development has reached to$ 145 million, but at the same time experience operating losses for other projects by $ 732 billion.

Although the big dance in proceeds to the company, but it achieved a net profit lower than the same period last year, where he has achieved 3.2 billion compared with$ 3.5 million in 2017, and of course it’s up to pay the company$ 5 million of the proceeds of the European Union without its connect the net profit to 8.2 million.

And Google to raise the value of their market to reach a trillion dollars, where they raised the value to 32.66$ million to about$ 850 million at the current time.

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