The opinion of the President of Samsung bnwt 9

Over two generations of new phones since the incident of the explosion of Note 7, but the frustration of this big scandal is still stuck ate a lot, despite the success of the Note 8 which helped a lot to forget about this issue, but questions about reliability Note 9, which was launched a few days ago.

In response to these questions, the DJ Cohen Director of Samsung phones reassure customers, since his company since the incident of Note 7 which is applied additional steps to ensure non-occurrence of anything similar, where the teams worked strictly quality control on Note 9, so despite the advent of Noto 9 with the battery is the largest in the series of flagship phones so far, except that it will not suffer from any problem related to security.

This has been through the “Koh” full confidence in the superiority of Note 9 on his generation, the former in terms of sales thanks to the powerful gear, the big battery and new S Pen offers many advantages with the smart camera, which will know only over time.


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