The opinion of the designer: what’s wrong with 3D Touch?

The technology of 3D Touch appeared in Apple smartphones in 2015, but has not gained popularity among users. But why? Designer Elise Kilik, engaged in the development and design of interfaces, we decided to shed some light on this issue, releasing my post on the platform Medium.

According to Elise, the main reason to use 3D Touch difficult is the lack of visual reference.

The problem is that it is impossible to determine where the function is implemented 3D Touch, and where not. All text, all the buttons looks exactly the same, regardless of the availability of options. For example, in the Control Center there are additional levels, but needs to know about this inexperienced user?

To solve this problem is very simple, says the designer. Just add a small visual indicators in the iOS interface. An example of how this could look:

It is not clear why Apple is not puzzled by this question until now.

Do you support this idea? Let me know in the comments.

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