The opinion of capturadora: Bitcoin is already at the final stage of a bear market

After a significant collapse of the market bears are apparently not going to calm down. Experts believe that the bottom is somewhere nearby, and it’s time to accumulate scriptactive. That is the bulls will not be able to enter the market immediately after bears. Now Bitcoin is trading at $ 3700, which is 80 percent below the peak level. Altcoins and lost up to 95 percent from historic highs. Due to the collapse of the total market capitalization lost $ 700 billion.

What is different about the current collapse of Bitcoin?

The founder of the rating Agency Crypto Weiss Ratings, Martin Weiss reminds that this is not the first major collapse of the Bitcoin and the entire stock market. With every collapse of a society with admirable enthusiasm buries Bitcoin. And every time he’s like a Phoenix rising from the ashes. The overall growth of the coin all the time is 6300 per cent. Writes Coingape, now BTC fell into another deep pit, out of which would be likely next year.

Thus Weiss questioned how this case differs from the previous one.

This time there’s one important difference is that Bitcoin has not kept pace with the latest developments and technologies of the distributed registry DLT, which is the basis of cryptocurrency. He will continue to have weight and a significant role in the industry but except as a store of value akin to gold. Now there are a lot more fast, scalable, and well-designed cryptocurrency that will carry innovation and affect the value of basic coins.

Soon there will come an end to the bears?

As says the head of the Quoine Mike Kayamori if the market will be a sufficient number of miners, then we will approach equilibrium. Just look at the market charts to understand that at the moment we are somewhere at the bottom of the amplitude. More data look at cryptodata.

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