The onslaught of the new Trump on Google, facebook and Amazon

هجمة جديدة من ترامب على قوقل وفيسبوك وأمازون

Still war raging between the US President and technical, through a new wave of criticism since three days, after the accusations made by the trump of the check against show search results erroneous about it when writing the “news Trump” in the editor, the day comes by Christ opens people to all of the Facebook parking the Amazon where he sees the three companies all of which represent the condition of strict respect for the PSP its dominance and impact of the big two.

The came talk of Trump in an interview with Bloomberg yesterday, after the question is Will the U.S. government on the reorganization or the probability of liquidation of tech companies like Facebook and Google it, to find “a lot of people think it’s fun to combat the lack of respect for the person of the three, but I won’t comment on this”.

It seems that Amazon does not share in the criticism of the new even though they don’t have a social platform, but it seems that the consequences of a tense relationship on a personal level between the US President and Director of Amazon CEO Jeff bezos, has already chirp Trump about company Amazon accusing it of fraud and payment of Taxes a few and exploitation for the government.

This has been a week full of criticism and reactions by the US President against technology companies, is expected to be no more rounds in the coming days.

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