The OneDrive app is to add the feature soon

تطبيق OneDrive يستعد لاضافة ميزة مهمة قريباً
The OneDrive app is to add the feature soon

It seems that applying the Microsoft cloud (and drive) will add a new feature, and also, to the users, during the coming period, according to the statements of Steven Ross, Director of the app business.

Ross, I know about the new feature in a presentation last week, said that the restoration of previous versions of files stored on the app, will be the newest addition to the development of Microsoft’s cloud.

What does this mean? You can simply restore the status of any file in the app of any point or earlier date, and any amendments made to the file at a later date.

Extra important without a doubt any User Forum for this app .

When? There is no information on any limit to a regular time to activate this feature, and I was expected to share extra within a few months at the most .

To whom? There’s no enough information if the new feature will be released to all App users, or to users of copy business (OneDrive for Business)

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