The OneDrive app adds support for fingerprint in Android

تطبيق OneDrive يُضيف الدعم لبصمة الأصبع في أندرويد

Because the sensor of the fingerprint available in most of the major phones since several years, it was not surprising that provide most of the Applications This protection, the OneDrive app from Microsoft’s latest applications that join this list, where the new update hit the app on the Android platform has become named this kind of protection.

And with this update was to improve the presentation of our own network to help distinguish sound and in its best as well as to facilitate seeing the pictures that were backed up in the tab “sound”, the more worthy noted that the fingerprint functionality will appear only after you add a PIN, therefore make sure you put the PIN if you haven’t done so already.

Finally the update arrive gradually to the users as you can download it directly from the pages of the store Google Play, or download the file. the APK update from here.

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