The Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020 will be based entirely on Renewable Energies

2020 Tokyo Olympic

Was announced earlier this month that Japan will launch a service for cars self-driving in Tokyo by the time the 2020 Olympics. Obviously the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games will be a major event for the country, designed to take advantage of this opportunity to make a positive impact on the way perform these games. Work of the Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games ” 2020 Tokyo Olympic ” hard to ensure that the entire event will depend on the renewable energies.

Tell the Committee that the electrical energy that will be used in places where will be organized the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020 will come entirely from renewable sources in an effort to continue efforts to get rid of toxic gases destructive to the environment. That’s not all, the Committee of the organization is also planning to use the services of the lease so that they can be re-used or recycled 99 percent of the goods that are purchased for the Olympic Games.

Won’t kill the renewable energy goal that the places where you will organize the Olympic Games only, will apply to this objective also on the athletes ‘ village and main press centre and international broadcast centre. This is unprecedented for an event of this size, but the Committee is confident that it will be able to achieve this goal purchase renewable energy from energy companies and by installing solar panels.

Requires the event to the involvement of athletes also to this initiative through the creation of medals that are distributed to them from the metal that is collected from smart phones and mobile devices recycled.


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