The oldest Nobel laureate has created a source of cheap electricity

In 2018, the Nobel prize in physics was 96-year-old Arthur Ashkin. He was awarded for the invention of optical tweezers, allowing you to hold microscopic objects in the size of DNA by laser light. As it turned out, it’s not only his idea, worthy of a prestigious award in his basement, he developed a device that can greatly reduce the cost of electric energy and stop the pollution of nature.

Физик Артур Эшкин

According to Business Insider, after the invention of optical tweezers and receiving the Nobel prize, the physicist immediately started another project. He instantly realized that the sudden popularity will help him to convey his new idea to more people. The development of a device that is able to greatly reduce the cost of electrical energy, he worked in the basement of his home in new Jersey. Journalists claim that he met them in the most comfortable clothes: a jacket with a zipper, corduroy pants and sandals.

Физик Артур Эшкин

Eskin told that his idea is to create a design of reflectors, which increase the concentration of light and greatly increases the power of the solar panels. According to him, used parts cost a penny, so his invention could “save the world”. The development was carried out in the laboratory on the lower floor of the house: due to the curvature of the spine, he had to use a cane. Fiddled with a variety of light reflectors, which have already started to fill the garage, the scientist became so confident in its technology that it is now waiting for the next Nobel prize.

He refused to show the finished machine, but was assured that he had filed a broad patent application for his invention, and 47 of them got it already. He soon hopes to publish an article in the journal Science and spread the news about technology from his home in new Jersey to the most remote corners of the world. According to him, the invention will provide an inexpensive, clean, renewable energy to homes and businesses.

Физик Артур Эшкин

In an interview, he said he never took chemistry classes, and a broad knowledge received from his wife by the name Alina:

I married her because she’s smart!

On the question of the interviewer about how he will arrange money, he announced that the delicious eats with his wife in an expensive restaurant. The wife, in turn, reminded of the five grandchildren who are going to College. By the way, unlike her husband, she is not waiting for the second prize and announced that one is enough.

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