The official announcement of the standards Bluetooth 5.1

Agency announced the Bluetooth SIG officially announced the new standards for Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.1, which comes with features more comes on top feature to determine the direction, where it is expected to support the determination of distances and sites perform faster and more accurate.


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The agency launched the Bluetooth SIG standards Bluetooth new Bluetooth 5.1 to developers, where the agency asserts that the new standards come the development of more standards and more speed in the determined direction, which is called the characteristic of the positioning quickly and efficiently, where the agency hopes to replace Wi-Fi GPS Bluetooth new.

Has been explained by the Bluetooth SIG that the new standards for Bluetooth 5.1 will support GPs in the space of 1 to 10 meters, which is the biggest evolution in determining the locations of objects in the vicinity of the home, for example, also come new standards, improvements in the GATT to support the process of pairing fast.

Recall that the standards Bluetooth 5.0 feet for the first time in 2016 with a range of features which include sending feature in a larger area up to 300 meters, with consumption of less energy, along with speed in performance of up to 2 mega bytes per second, and also supports technical contact two devices at the same time, where she managed to get Bluetooth 5.0 to achieve spreading rapidly already in a lot of modern versions of smart devices.


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