The official announcement of the memory chip random LPDDR5, and more speed and efficiency in energy consumption


Announced the JEDEC or Solid State Technology Association just from the memory chip random LPDDR5 new promise for improving performance and efficiency in energy consumption in smart phones of the future.

In comparison with the chip LPDDR4 memory, the memory chip random new LPDDR5 longer data transfer rate and rise of 3200MT/s to 6400MT/s. This new chip also comes with a built grouped in four groups architectural optimizer you transfer data at up to 51 Mbps.

For the sake of efficiency in energy consumption, the new chip developed a ” deep sleep ” along with features such as Data-Copy and Write-X for the water first, they are copying data from one pin to another without the transfer of information to the rest. On the other hand, the cancel feature Write-X need to send data from the processor to the chip LPDDR5 during data transfer. It is estimated that it will reduce energy consumption significantly.


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