The official announcement of the Huawei Mate X as the thinnest smartphone retractable in the world, supports 5G also

Huawei Mate X -

We’ve seen it in many ads headline, but it has become official now. In fact, she did Huawei just slide the curtain officially on her smart phone rollaway Huawei Mate X at the Mobile World Congress MWC 2019 currently held in Barcelona, Spain. As the company Huawei before, this phone is compatible with the 5G, thanks to modem Huawei Blaong 5000 5G, a season in which the company Huawei that will make the Huawei Mate X is the fastest phone 5G in the world.

Phone Huawei Mate X new Huawei will also carry on the fast charging technology Huawei SuperCharge which allow to charge the battery with a capacity of 55 watts, so this makes the Huawei Mate X is the fastest smartphone shipment in the world. And Huawei that can be charged 85 percent of phone battery Huawei Mate X in just 30 minutes.

In tablet mode, will the device Huawei Mate X screen size of 8 inches and accurately 2480 x 2200 pixels. When folded, become the main screen size of 6.6 inch and accurately 2480×1148 pixels, while the play screen to the secondary the same the role of second screen in the two phones Nubia X and Vivo NEX Dual Display because this screen will be in the same side where the camera. The company said Huawei to phone Huawei Mate X will let you pick up the ” best picture of peace at all. “ In order to obtain suitable images, you need to use the Home screen that contains the frame.

During a presentation to the media, which happened before the official event, the company said, Huawei should be four cameras in the phone. However, it was the prototype that we saw featuring three cameras just. The company has not disclosed anything about the technical specifications of these cameras, but we can clearly see the logo of Leica, so it must be this cameras able to capture high-quality images.

The announcement of this device as a ” phone rollaway thinnest in the world ” due to its thickness 11 mm only when folded. And when lying becomes the thickness of 5.4 mm only, but some components like the camera, still need space to work properly, so it was keep one end of the device to thick and to contain such ingredients.

All these specifications need to huge battery, and Huawei are well aware of this. In fact, I have provided the phone Huawei Mate X new battery with a capacity of 4500mAh supports recharging by USB Type-C is expected in the negative side of the fat end of the device. There is also a sensor fingerprint on the side, and exactly in the button.

Phone Huawei Mate X will be released to the market in the middle of this year, will cost 2600 dollars with the knowledge that it will be available in one color only, which color dark blue

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