The numbers reveal why Apple and Samsung are the concern of Huawei and OnePlus

A recent report looks to the year 2018 with a focus interesting on a distinct segment phones at a higher price of 400 dollars, which increased by 18% compared to the year 2017, thanks to all of the Apple, Samsung and Huawei up OnePlus.

Was able to OnePlus incredibly of sharing the list of top five companies industry phones distinct in 2018, after that the recorded ratio of approximately 1% of the smartphones shipped worldwide in 2017, in spite of the jump of the company from 1 to 2% in 2018, which doesn’t look quite sizeable, but that this suffering is actually a amazing increased by 209% in sales around the world.

Apple and Samsung may need to start worrying about OnePlus and Huawei's premium market growth

But what did surprise us, is to keep the Apple TV first place in the smart phone shipments of last year, with a huge 51% in 2017, but with a low of 58% in 2017, and has retained all of Samsung and Huawei medals and two silver and bronze, respectively, while the fallen Samsung from 23% to 22% of the market share, while the proportion of Huawei from 8% to 10%, thanks to the sales representative last year.

It is worth mentioning that OnePlus is not the best performing in 2018, its owner OBO somehow increase the numbers increased by 863% compared to the year 2017, where it jumped to 6% after that was to check the proportion of only 1% previously, and the company successfully to China, while both Apple and Huawei ranked second in terms of growth after the Oppo and OnePlus.

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