The number of transactions in the network of Bitcoin reached a record value over the last year

Even the fall in the price of Bitcoin has not affected the ecosystem of coins. According to Blockchain , the number of transactions in the Bitcoin network has set a new record over the past 12 months. A week ago, the cryptocurrency were processed on average 3.5 transactions per second. A year ago the figure was only 2.9 TPS.

Bears are not a hindrance

The current downward trend may be the longest in the history of Bitcoin, but even it has not prevented mass adoption of cryptocurrency in the world. Chart you can build quite an interesting statistic. The number of trisakti network major cryptocurrencies fell sharply in the first half of 2018. Fortunately, BTC began to use more often already after a few months.

Now every second are approximately 3,45 transactions in Bitcoins. Over the last ten days, this value decreased slightly but it is still higher than it was a year ago. While the annual minimum in April 2018 new record surpassed by as much as 80 percent.

What affects the number of transactions?

TPS in the network of Bitcoin is growing evenly, making cryptocurrencies more developed in a wavelike manner. The UPS and downs of the chart is strongly influenced by key events around the coins from the point of view of fundamental analysis.

Source: Blockchain

For example, UPS, TPS in the third and fourth quarters of 2018, it is possible to associate with users ‘ confidence in the imminent reversal of the bearish trend. At the same time, a sharp decline in the price of Bitcoin in November after a hard forks of Bitcoin Cash also had a negative impact on the number of transactions.

The data once again prove that Bitcoins are very active, the popularity of cryptocurrencies does not harm even a drop in its price. Perhaps now we are seeing the first signs of the imminent bullrun. To never miss, be sure to subscribe to our cryptcat.


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