The number of subscriptions to Netflix up to 148 million to a record

عدد اشتراكات نتفليكس يصل إلى 148 مليون ليسجل رقمًا قياسيًا

It seems that Netflix had a little fun of their control over the market for entertainment content industry the visual and achieve great results by increasing the number of participants, a new record in the number of subscriptions reached 148 million around the world to overtake it on the outlook during the financial period.

I got Netflix in the first fiscal quarter for the year to 9.6 million new subscribers, expectations were talking about 8.9 million subscribers during the same period, which confirms its superiority over the forecasts. In this regard, the company will start watching the number of views of the business through the next period.

The company says it will continue what it is doing in the market of entertainment content upon request, despite the entry of new competitors to the market, as this needs a large work of them to get this far..

Little Apple announced its entry into the market with the service Apple TV+, as is the case with the Disney serve new Disney+ which will be priced at a subscription representing half a subscription to Netflix, which means a real threat, especially since the latter has sufficient experience in the field with Hulu or even offer movies and series for years.

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