The number of phones that are available Huawei sold in 2019

As we approached the end of the year, and start many companies in the announcement of the results of their sales during the last period and what it hopes to achieve during the next year, several agencies and Media tray to the deployment objectives of the sales of all of Huawei’s share in 2019.

According to the registry, skip all of Huawei’s share to increase the goals of their sales by 20%, but after that managed to Shawty from the sale of 100 million phones this year, plans to make its target of 160 million units sold in 2019, which is 20% significantly, of course.

Huawei Xiaomi shipments

On the other side, the work Huawei is currently increasing its sales targets to 200 million phones next year, while you will be both Oppo and Vivo an increase of only 10%.

This is with regard to market share, controls Huawei is currently 23% of the market sales of China phones to be that the brand’s strongest there, followed by all of the Oppo and Vivo’s where I got both of them on 21%, while come Shawty came fourth with only 13%, and ends the arrangement with Apple with a share of 9% of the Chinese market, at which time the decrease in the share of Samsung here your to up to 1% only.

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