The number of applications and games that use their stings RAM phones

Affect RAM capacity of phones on the user experience, but not as much as the effect of the processor, the job of the radio the key is to keep the apps and games open in the background, this means that the return to the application already open it (without closing the app or switching off your phone) takes fractions of a second in general.

This means that if the capacity of the radio do not respond to open applications in the background, it will close an app automatically, when you return to this app by clicking on its icon take download a few seconds.

With the advent of the capacity RAM of up to 12 gigabytes phones, and some wonder about how efficient the capacity of the common such as 4, 6 and 8 gigabytes phones, and even show the number of applications that use their stings Ram different you must first take a look at the consumption of applications.

Study found that the average consumption of regular applications is 300 Meg MB of RAM, it was also noted that applications that relate to multimedia consume up to 600 and even 700 Meg MB of RAM, of which Instagram where they and photos of the Google apps email like Gmail and maps for the use of navigation.

It was found that the strongest games are the most consumed capacity of RAM, of which up consumption to 1 gigabytes of RAM and increases such as a building and asphalt a 9, Add to them Google Chrome when you open a few tabs.

These figures you may imagine dear reader that a phone with 4 gigabytes of RAM suitable for a large category of users, but the reality is to the contrary, the RAM capacity available for temporary storage is less than the capacity stated, it is in the following table such as, it is clear that the Pixel 3 XL available using 1.7 gigabytes of RAM to manage apps in the background where the rest capacity of 4 gigabytes announced a consumer already in the operation of the device.

Thus, the Pixel 3 XL can run 5 applications the average consumption, an average of 300 Meg of RAM for each application, in the case of running the game such as building a loss can’t run only the application of two or three with her, and in the case of open application IV may be the game is closed automatically; so I stopped with a capacity of 4 gigabytes of RAM that the encounter re-download apps previously opened its continuity.

With a capacity of 6 gigabytes of RAM, the capacity available for use to actually be in the range of 2.5-3 gigabytes, and we can run a game like Need For Speed, leaving about 2 gigabytes of address space can be divided on the apps. The capacity is 8 gigabytes of RAM we believe it is sufficient for the vast majority of users, where the RAM capacity available will be approximately 5 gigabytes and can run the game two extensive articles of consumption such as building the NFS with the application of heavy consumption such as Instagram where they and about 10 other apps average consumption.

This is often not the user notes a difference between the 8 gigabytes of RAM and amplitude were higher when normal use, it is clear that the capacity of the radio that is recommended by the start of the 6 gigabytes of RAM, and it’s okay with a capacity of 4 gigabytes of RAM for I think closing apps in the background or avoid the heavy games.

Find the signal finally to devices of the same capacity of RAM differ in the capacity actually available for use, but the above applies generally to most organs.

Source: Android Authority

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