The notes or the hole camera – which is better for smart phones?

Experiencing smartphones during the recent radical changes to the level design, as companies seek all of them to reach the perfect design full-screen, and to achieve that goal, the company followed the different paths we have now come to the two designs will have preference during the next period: the net the top company and camera hole.

النوتش أم ثقب الكاميرا : أيهما أفضل للهواتف الذكية؟
The notes or the hole of the camera : which is better for smart phones?

The design of the extrusion top of the company began with the iPhone X which design was the subject of an eyebrow and a sneer then it became common from after the and other companies of the same method with some changes, Huawei’s head such as to reduce the area of the sheet up presented to the public note on the form of a small triangle or a drop of water the top middle of the screen.

Companies that kept the design familiar to the user and did not resort sheet forms to now has been Samsung which plagued turn something new and unique which put the entire front selfie camera in a small hole the top of the screen, has Samsung launched this type of tea and announced to the public the name of the Infinity-O Screens which seems to be coming early next year with the Galaxy S10.

النوتش أم ثقب الكاميرا : أيهما أفضل للهواتف الذكية؟
The notes or the hole of the camera : which is better for smart phones?

Although the extrusion of the upper “notes” on the presence in the markets more than a year but there is a class not a bunch of users don’t find it impressive, and maybe lean more on hand traditional design while maintaining the large screen and thin edges, but what will they think, with the entry of the design of the camera hole in the market?!

I don’t know the exact to the hole was still visible to the user in permanent or will disappear under the screen and becomes invisible only when you turn the camera as the rumors say, and if you do Samsung this last option you’ll have solved the dilemma full screen in the presence of a camera selfie forever!

From your perspective which is better as a design for phones: the notes or the hole camera?!

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