The Nokia X has been announced on 27 April

When Microsoft acquired the Nokia was launching a phone called the Nokia X at the MWC 2014, and it was time for the first Android phone carries a logo of the brand is Finnish, as it seems, the HMD world seeking to revive him is also.

Nokia X model 2014

Depending on the images that come to us from China, the campaign headline of the phone started in the country already, and its features and specifications, Fidel. he’s coming back random 4/6 gigabytes of storage space internal 64 gigabytes of address space, however there is no information about whether it will be sold outside of China or will get an extra piece like the iPhone X or not, knowing that character X applies to the X in the name of Nokia phone.

We don’t have to if you only wait until April 27 to be sure, if our information is correct or not, so be on the watch with us.

Source: Baidu

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