The next version of the browser Google Chrome will allow users to skip the ” wall of Defense “

Google Chrome for android

Most of the publishers who rely on the monthly contributions, annual number of articles free per month visitors. As soon as you finish your share of the monthly, you can either wait until the following month or subscription. One of the methods that enable users to overcome this is to use incognito in Google Chrome, but the developers added later some code to check if the visitor is using incognito. If discovered, you will not allow them to even read the articles free. However, will the next version of the browser Google Chrome users to bypass this limitation.

Easy for publishers like the New York Times and Bloomberg, but not limited to the imposition of their borders when you do not have users in incognito. They use only cookies ( the Cookie ) to track the number of articles read by a visitor, then they know the window of subscription when the share world.

Is blocked Cookies in incognito, so it doesn’t work this way, and that’s why he started the publishers to add code to their sites to close the loophole that allowed people to read a greater number of articles that they want. Will Google Inc to users of the browser Google Chrome to overcome this limitation using version 76 of this browser. Due to changes in the application programming interface API, you will not be able to web-sites that contain code JavaScript required to find out whether the visitor is in a Browsing Mode hidden or not.

Therefore, you should be able to visitors from whirling about what you call many people ” wall of Defense | Paywall“, but it remains to be seen whether publishers will know their role is another way to prevent it. Is expected to drive the company Google Issue version 76 stable browser Google Chrome later this month.

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