The next version of Samsung smart watches also come running Tizen

Use the Korean giant in the use of the system to run the company’s Tizen in the next release of smart watches, it only supports this version features to integrate better with the help of its virtual Bixby.


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Samsung presents the new versions of smart watches are often in the IFA annual, The projections also indicate that the versions of the company’s next will be unveiled during the IFA exhibition in the year 2019.

And the leaks indicate that Samsung is currently working on a new version of smart watches is now known بPulse, where he began work on the development of smart watch coming this month according to a report published via SamMobile, except that the Korean giant will have enough time to develop a distinguishing version if launched a smart watch officially between September to October of next year.

Is expected to be launched smart watch to the market titled Galaxy Sport, to feel to support the user in exercises, sports, jogging, etc., but this title is uncertain at the current time.

He also noted another source indicates that Samsung is preparing to support the upcoming release of smart watches with the operating system Tizen, as an assistant Bixby virtual integration of the greater support the users of the smart watch, as the added alerts Bixby also for the next version.

Also among the nurses that came on the mentioned leaks in storage in the next release of hours Samsung, where Samsung smartphone arena with a capacity of 4 giga bytes, so we expect the official announcement of the Samsung which apply next year to the market.


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