The next update for”WhatsApp” will the freedom of all users

He started messaging application chat months global “WhatsApp” WhatsApp to engage in battle design news, pseudo-come, after the announcement of the update of the perpetrator would affect more than 1.5 million people use the app in the world.

Will start the application “WhatsApp”, which is owned by the social network months global Facebook Facebook, restrict the ability of users to re-send messages to large groups, thereby reducing the theory of the spread of false news on a large scale.

In addition, it has announced the “WhatsApp” it will take further action in a country like India, where it sends people more messages, photos and videos more than any other country in the world, where would you work a limit to chat, 5 chats at once, as will the app Send button to fast forward from the aspects of media messages.

In the rest of the world, other than India, you users can the application “WhatsApp” to re-send messages to 20 people, while the app was before the update allows send to 250 people at once.

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