The next release of phones, the iPhone supports charging technology opposite

Confirmed leaks that the next versions of the phones the iPhone will come with PowerShare, which provide wireless charging feature from one phone to another.

PowerShare next iphone

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Technique began shipping the opposite from one phone to another to spread gradually in the recent period, as provided via Huawei initially with versions possible during the past year, and then came the series of S10 last from Samsung the same technique.

In a leak published today via the suppliers of Apple, indicated that Apple will adopt also this technology in versions of Apple upcoming phones from the iPhone, which is expected to support this technique of charging the Apple Watch Smart also or charge the headset AirPods.

Recall that this technique in shipping may require the development of capacity shipping in phones, the iPhone, where it does not support versions of the iPhone more current from the adapter is 5V/1A, while the transformer capacity 18W sold separately, but it also needs to be the USB cable C to the Lightning, where the cost of the adapter cable to $ 50.


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