The next-generation Xbox may be issued in the year 2020, according to a new report


Revealed the head of Xbox at Microsoft, Mr. Phil Spencer during the presentation of the company in its annual E3 2018 team gear in the section Xbox work has already begun on the next generation of Xbox. This was the first time that we hear plans of the company around the next-generation Xbox, and while details are still slim at the moment, he explained a new report that a new Xbox will be released most likely in the year 2020

He says the report that will be issued to the next-generation Xbox by Microsoft in the year 2020 and to Microsoft you folded the ” family of devices ” under the name ” Scarlett “. It should be noted here that Mr. Phil Spencer said during a presentation of the company at the E3 Expo 2018 that the company is ” working very deep in relation to engineering the next generation of Xbox“, which suggests that the company has more than one device is currently under development for the year 2020.

Didn’t the report mention a lot of details about these devices, but is very likely to include devices broadcast online gaming also because the company already revealed that it is developing a new service to broadcast games via the internet.

May not be the first time that you try to Microsoft luck with the devices broadcast the games. He was expected to issue devices like Chromecast in the year 2016 also than it will allow users access to games Xbox One from a TV the second in the region, but Microsoft decided to cancel the project in the end. Generally, we may have to wait for some time before to assure us Microsoft anything about the next generation of Xbox.


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