The next generation of Mac Pro may come design consists of modular stackable translation

Project Christine

Project Christine

One of the criticisms directed currently to the Mac Pro is that it is impossible to upgrade its internal components unlike previous models of the same computer which allows users to easily upgrade many of the internal components of the device whenever they wish to do so, just as is the case now with the desktop computers of the current supported Windows.

There wasn’t necessarily need to be a computer easy in terms of frequency, but should be possible at least. In the recent past, the analyst explained old Chinese Ming-Chi Kuo, it’s expected to be the next generation of the Mac Pro easy to upgrade, and now we may have an idea of how the plan by Apple to do this. According to a new report recently released from the channel Tailosive Tech, it seems that your Mac Pro coming from Apple will depend on design removable stackable.

This means that the Mac Pro next will be designed to be scalable on a modular form so that will be its components available as stackable instead of one cover where the ingredients are introduced such as desktop computers traditional. We’re not sure of the validity of these allegations, but if true, it is possible to have the Mac Pro and the new desktop computers very interesting.

The idea of computers biodegradable shaped units is not entirely new, the company Razer several years ago, unveiled the draft Project Christine, which is basically a desktop computer and indivisible into units as you can see in the picture above. However, this project is not realized never, but if a new report is true, it seems that we’ll see the first desktop computer consists of modular stackable from Apple in the near future.

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