The next generation of iPad and iPad Mini may not come with facial recognition Face ID

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With the launch of the iPad Pro 2018 new in the past year, the Apple in the end brought the technology Face ID to the tablet the iPad. We expect to continue this trend this year, but alas, that won’t be for the next generation of iPad or iPad Mini. This according to the developer-old Steve Troughton-Smith discovered some new evidence that allude to that in the trial version the newest system iOS 12.2.

The evidence is new in the trial version the newest of the iOS system to the presence of new models of various tablet the iPad, which include models that support WiFi only, which supports cellular networks too, but wasn’t there evidence suggesting that it will feature Face ID. This means that the models coming from the iPad and iPad Mini will continue to rely on the sensor of the fingerprint Touch ID as a sensor basic to secure data on all devices. This actually should not be a surprise to anyone given the fact that both devices are coming in the foundation to serve as alternative cheap and the revelation of the iPad Pro high-end.

The launch of the iPad a low cost in the first half of 2018 with the technical specifications relatively old standards of that period. However, it was still attractive given its price and the fact that it is compatible with digital pen Apple Pencil, which allows students and artists to experience the digital pen Apple Pencil without having to pay for the iPad Pro.

Also expected to get the next generation of iPad Mini on the simple upgrade, and this means that it will not come significant changes to the level design and technical specifications, but it does not seem surprising given that the first objective of creating this device is to provide a cheaper alternative for the iPad. However, we wonder whether it will support digital pen Apple Pencil as well, but we have to wait for a while before we know for sure.

Generally, in the mostly Apple release new models of tablet of iPad in the beginning of the year, so we may see Apple reveal the tablets new in the next few months.


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