The next generation of Apple headphones “AirPods Pro” may be the available eight colors

Expected to learn Apple about the next generation of Apple headphones AirPods before the end of this year, as there are rumors about the name of the fish which may be “AirPods Pro”, as well as to highlight their advantages will be noise-canceling Noise-cancellation.

The latest report from the website of Economic Daily News of China, the Apple is already planning to launch a pair of wireless headphones really with the feature of noise cancellation, as will be renamed as the “AirPods Pro” and will be available in up to eight different colors.

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Will these colors on black and white coats and even the choice of dark green, famous in the iPhone 11 Pro, maybe there will be a welcome addition for any additional colors.

The report also mentions that the AirPods Pro you will enjoy to cancel noise, as expected. As must be waterproof also. This report shows you some of the other rumors that have emerged in the past, so that will be the version of these headphones in time for the holiday season. But the mission is expected to be promulgated next week.

This is not the first time that the Apple headphones will come with new colors in the new version, so that there were rumors several times in the past about the intention of Apple to launch a pair of Apple headphones Blacks, but this did not happen until now. So it seems difficult to expect that the launches of Apple eight options of colors and serious at once.

Speaking of new features for the next hour, it there will be a change in the design of the headset and a wireless charging.

Along with the new design and new features, it is also expected that there will be pricing a new headset. Rumors say it will be sold for about $ 260 at launch in the holiday season.

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