The next generation of AMD Ryzen will include a 12-core model?

As you know, the second generation of processors Ryzen based on the architecture of Zen, which has little differences from the original Zen. The processors themselves are also different from the first generation basically only frequencies.

The processors Ryzen Threadripper second generation is also based on the architecture of Zen+, got twice as much, relative to its predecessors, the number of cores. A similar situation will happen with new server CPU Epyc, only these will go directly to architecture Zen 2.

Today MSI has let slip that the next generation of desktop CPU Ryzen will include models with the number of cores is greater than eight. More specifically, the company noted that the motherboard on chipset AMD B450, who will work with the CPU Ryzen first and second generation, will support the next generation of processors that will have eight or more cores. It’s not even a hint, but a direct reference to one of the main features of future models that will be released next year.

Given the architectural features of current processor generations, we can assume that the older CPU Ryzen 3000 will be 12-core. Perhaps even 16-core, but why would AMD go with trumps? Fine and that these new processors will be compatible with current generation motherboards, and possibly previous generation too.

In General, while Intel can’t cope with 10-nanometer process technology, AMD squeezes the most out of the situation.

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