The next challenge for three-dimensional printing: choose your house and get it ready for the market during one day

Don’t expect the geeks with three-dimensional printing for the expansion in the use of such modern technology in various areas of life. Although a lot of the uses of three-dimensional printing is still experimental, but it is clear that the enormous benefits accruing from the use of this technique will make turning those applications into use effectively in our daily life happens fast.

Yesterday, I used some car companies three-dimensional printing to produce auto parts commercially, and looks forward now companies are ambitious in the field of real estate development to use the same Technology in “printing” residential areas ready for use immediately.

The actual experience first

The experiments test in the field using a three-dimensional printer able to Inkjet material concrete to build models to residential homes, except that the actual project first, which leaves it on the ground that may be initiated by the company ICON construction techniques which take from the Austin American-based.

The company provided three months ago, a physical model for three-dimensional, carrying the name “The Vulcan“, printing house, concrete complete an area of 350 square feet in just one day. The company has entered into a partnership with another company bearing the Name “New Story” and in the development of communities of low-cost housing to house poor people in isolated areas of the world. Aims of the partnership between the two parties to use the technique of three-dimensional printing, by the printer giant, The Vulcan, in the construction of suitable low-cost housing has an area of 600-800 square feet and the establishment in just 48 hours.

Since then, display the ICON several models of houses to be printed in the same way, according to the company, the benefits of the new technology beyond just being an exciting new idea. Will not exceed the cost of the house, which is located in the flat one role without the need for the construction of concrete columns, 4000 USD, as well as the speed of its establishment as well as achieving a significant saving in the use of concrete which is printed accurately without any missing.

And entire communities

It seems that those benefits, along with the possibility of construction of houses with innovative designs and revolutionary, has attracted interest in many other enterprises where the company intend to the Netherlands to build the first residential community in a world that is constructed fully using the technique of three-dimensional printing.

Product Milestone in the city of “iron” Dutch waiting for the project should be residential the first commercial in the world who thinks this concept, as waiting to be featuring for the first time residential buildings, concrete multi-storey printed in the same way. Will this residential community is also the design of highly innovative and inspired by the nature of the product, the company is looking based on the project to deliver the first Units by the end of 2019.

Will units the first phase of the project one-storey with area of 100 square meters divided into two rooms to sleep, living room, kitchen and bathroom plus room for storage, to include the next phase of units consisting of several floors more than the complexity of the construction.

Future prospects: urban communities immediate

It is still too early to conclude all the benefits expected from the use of this technique and the actual limits imposed on what can be created directly. However, the features of the initial looks extremely promising both in terms of access to your house completely to the network design that you want, or in connection with quickly getting a residential building in just several days. Keep the actual cost of the printer is the factor that will determine to what extent will the new technology, the speed of spread.



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