The New York Times is collaborating with Twitter streams to fight the digital content fake

Cooperation agreement between the New York Times with Twitter as well as Adobe to fight the digital content fake product on the internetنيويورك تايمز تتعاون مع تويتر و أدبي لمحاربة المحتوى الرقمي المزيف

Waiting content the fake illusion like wildfire on the World Wide Web, but at the same time cause damage to the different for makers of content and the technique itself, so I decided Adobe and Twitter, in partnership with the New York Times try to put an end to such content through directly detect the credibility of the content “Content Authenticity Initiative” that aims to clarify the accuracy of the content very easy by systems to reveal the content fake.

Aimed at the three institutions through the initiative to lay the foundations for the digital content and the place of his appearance or its original source.

Simply put, the knowledge of this content will be through the examination of photos and videos across the system, from Adobe to see if it has been manipulated.

Requires a system of content makers and publishers put the contributions of them secretly in the system, and therefore the anyone posting similar content or similar content original to be recognizable, detect on it has faded from the new publisher.

You could say that this initiative will greatly help in stopping the publication of the content fake or even maintain the rights to publish the content makers.

But mainly, the most important goal is to stop the manipulation of users ‘ online content fake a lot of times.

Anyway, the initiative did not apply formally because of their search for support more networks and institutions, so we expect its launch the beginning of 2020.

Referred it is not the first time that the company is doing the work to put an end to content fake, and that companies like Facebook are the other has developed the tools themselves to reveal the content published on their platforms, which is expected to join the initiative later.


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