The New York Auto Show 2019.. 6 new technologies you’ll research a major shift in the automotive industry

Apply exhibition The New York Auto Show 2019 “New York Auto Show 2019” next Friday and continues until 28 April, which as usual features that on the largest car manufacturing companies in the world to tell us what is new in cars and their operations.

Think self-driving cars one of the most important technology trends through 2019 as a lot of car manufacturing companies have made massive investments in the technology of self-driving vehicles. The past year has witnessed 2018 many pilot projects and experiments that have been done on these cars to improve their performance.

Despite that there is still plenty of time to put self-driving cars in the markets, however, automakers and suppliers are focusing more on technologies that improve the safety and security of car for the convenience of users.

With the start of the exhibition New York Auto Show 2019 we will find that the car companies is seeking to support new models with a smart to be able to compete in an era of almost equal quality and reliability between brands.

The following six new technologies will occur a major shift in the automotive industry in the coming period:

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1. the numeric keys to secure the car:

معرض نيويورك للسيارات 2019.. 6 تقنيات جديدة ستحدث تحول كبير في صناعة السيارات

Fears of speed and the desire to provide more comfort to the leadership of the auto manufacturers follow new ways to unlock cars and start them, where the auto theft highest level in eight years through 2017.

At the New York Auto Show this year offer Hyundai key digital Digital Key allows car owners to open and start their cars with their smartphones.

You can program the system to work with up to four phones, you will use the technique of Near Field Communications (NFC) to discover whether the phone is on the near door of the car. When it is placed on the wireless charging pad in the centre console the driver can start and stop the car with the push of a button. Will Hyundai awaited Sonata 2020 these technical terms will be unveiled in this exhibition.

It also works Hyundai is also developing a system to scan a fingerprint to start the car, but did not announce any plans to offer this technology until now.

2 – control systems inside the car:

معرض نيويورك للسيارات 2019.. 6 تقنيات جديدة ستحدث تحول كبير في صناعة السيارات

The company announced the Volvo in the month of March last that could address the cases of mind-wandering and got the drivers by installing cameras inside the car and other sensors watch them and control to intervene at the right moment.

The company will install cameras inside the cabin to the front of all its cars starting from the early 2020 did not reveal s details about where to leave them or their number.

It is worth noting that GM already has cameras inside the car installed in Cadillac cars equipped with the system leadership cruise to the highway, called Super Cruise, where you are watching the cameras the movement of the driver’s eye to make sure he stays awake and keep his eyes on the road. If the discovered cameras anything unusual, they alert the driver to pay attention to and can stop the car in case he didn’t want the person.

3 – techniques for augmented reality:

معرض نيويورك للسيارات 2019.. 6 تقنيات جديدة ستحدث تحول كبير في صناعة السيارات

Works, car makers on the development of augmented reality systems quickly to help drivers keep their eyes on the road instead of looking away to get directions.

Have some of the feature of luxury already the ability to display speed limit and other limited information on a glass screen little the driver can see it, there is now space to increase the area information display on the windshield of the car.

As Qualcomm is working on the development of the technique of C-V2X that will allow cars to communicate automatically with other vehicles, buildings, roads, and traffic signals with the provision of clearer vision to her husband turns, this will avoid a collision is greater between vehicles as well as pedestrians and cyclists, improve traffic management and efficient fuel consumption.

4 – techniques of self-driving partial:

معرض نيويورك للسيارات 2019.. 6 تقنيات جديدة ستحدث تحول كبير في صناعة السيارات

In order to become self-driving cars a reality, you should be able to create a digital image ready to update the surrounding environment, and requires that sensors and radar systems advanced.

Company Magna International Automotive on the development of a technique called the Icon Radar, which sets a new standard of the Association of the automotive high precision, depend on the advanced technology used by the U.S. Army to provide accurate detection and how wide and high elasticity. Collaborating Magna with Uhnder – an emerging company in the field of engineering and product development – to help deliver this technology to the market through 2019.

Can provide advanced radar such that the moving range more than 300 meters and scanning the surrounding environment continuously for four different factors (distance and height, and depth and speed). Been scanning through this technique faster and 50 times the time it takes a human up to his eye, which helps the cars to take immediate decisions in response to the surrounding environment concerned.

5. the touch screen is bigger and more sophisticated:

معرض نيويورك للسيارات 2019.. 6 تقنيات جديدة ستحدث تحول كبير في صناعة السيارات

The Tesla company to enter the large touch screen as an alternative to most of the physical controls in the car, which encouraged competitors to move in a similar direction, so the increased screen touch-screen infotainment in cars in the recent period, but some customers and monitoring the safety complained that these screens constitute a safety hazard because they distract drivers.

But the development of techniques to aid voice helped in solving this problem where the screen supported Tesla was aid to audio such as: Google Voice, the Alexa of the Amazon, and from Apple to request the execution of orders instead of the driver, which allows users to use their favorite apps in the car easily without any risk.

6 – development of driver assistance systems:

معرض نيويورك للسيارات 2019.. 6 تقنيات جديدة ستحدث تحول كبير في صناعة السيارات

Latest reports showed that there are more than 1.2 million deaths from car accidents around the world each year, or nearly a death every 25 seconds. Accordingly pledged to automakers that contain all car models on the servo automatic emergency Automatic Emergency Braking by September 2022 to increase security, in the case of a sensor control the occurrence of Danger Close is operating the brake automatically to help avoid or mitigate a collision. Instead of this technique on luxury cars only.

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