The new version of macOS Mojave has made the process of auto-complete data safer

The first beta version of macOS Mojave 10.14.4 debuted in Safari AutoFill passwords using the fingerprint sensor Touch ID. By the way, the automatic insertion of data is present on the actual build system, however, the option works without any confirmation that jeopardizes the safety and security of personal data.

Despite the fact that the Touch ID sensor appeared on the Mac in 2016, but only now developers used the capabilities of the scanner in the proprietary Safari browser. Previously, Touch ID was used only to unlock the computer, pay via Apple Pay, as well as to confirm purchases in the Mac App Store and iTunes Store.

Since macOS Mojave 10.14.4 is under testing option is available only to registered developers. However, if all conditions are met, find the function in “System settings” under “Touch ID”. At the end of the list, you can find the item “Safari forms AutoFill”. Of course, before activating the option, you must ensure that the operating system already has at least one active print.

Interestingly enough, the option works exactly the same as on the mobile platform Apple — as soon as macOS will offer one of the options fill, the user needs to verify your identity, putting a finger to the Touch ID sensor. Supports auto-complete as usernames and passwords, and addresses, phone numbers and Bank cards. Quite comfortable and most importantly — safely.

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