The new tariffs mean that Apple products will become more expensive by 10%

Apple Company

Still the trade war between the United States and China is stable. Imagine that it will take some time before things get better, but unfortunately, at the same time, it seems that Apple may have occurred in the crossfire because the US President Donald Trump just announced on the tax hike import by 10%.

Do you mean import tax such that any product coming from China to the United States would rise by 10% in costs, which I imagine it probably translates to additional costs to clients because the companies will not most likely wants to protect her, or at least not fully. The Apple company had warned previously that these tariffs cover substantially all products of Apple products across the board.

According to Apple, which warned the US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, they are stated by saying : ” the coverage of the list of tariff proposed for all Apple products, including iPhone and iPad, Mac and AirPods and AppleTV, in addition to the components and batteries used for the repair of products in the United States. Cover the tariffs proposed also accessories manufactured by Apple of these devices, such as monitors and keyboards “.

What is ironic is that it wasn’t that long ago that Apple launched a range of computers MacBook the updated Terms of reduced prices for their selves SSD. This of the new tariffs, on the assumption that the Apple TV does not respond to costs, may lead to higher prices. We still have to wait to see what the extent of the impact on consumers given that it is expected to start in the application of the new tariffs in the next month.

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