The new iPhone X may expect an important change

When Apple only introduced the iPhone X, many were skeptical of the”cut” under the front camera and sensors recognition system. Soon this feature ceased to embarrass (and Chinese manufacturers vengeance began to copy “Bang” from the iPhone), but some still still stops from buying the iPhone X. new iPhone all may be a little different.

According to the report of analysts of investment Bank Barclays, the new iPhone Apple will start to install the camera TrueDepth new generation. It not only would be more accurate to recognize the user, but will become more compact due to what the “cutout” at the top of the iPhone display will be less. How the experts did not specify.

But analysts believe that, in addition, major changes in the new iPhone is not worth waiting. Yes, smartphones will get an improved “stuffing”, but apparently will not be much different from the iPhone X. this is largely done in order not to face a shortage of components for new products.

Most interesting in Barclays predict the emergence of a system of TrueDepth and on the back of the iPhone, but after a generation. It will probably be used for augmented reality.

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